This project was developed by artist Lani Asuncion as an Artist in Residence at Caldera Arts Center in the winter of January 03-29, 2013.

The project began when I started to research the legends and folklore of the 3 Sister Mountains of the Oregon Cascade Range. I wrote a myth based on the geographical facts about the 3 Sister Mountains of the Oregon Cascade Range. This project explores the condition of the oral tradition that is disappearing in many regions throughout the United States. The passing down of stories is one way for the past to stay alive in the minds and memory of the present generation. I wrote and created this myth and conjured it through my video artwork not to fabricate a new one but to encourage the findings of the lost stories. The video is a visually abstract narrative in three parts. The piece references the delicate relationship of sisterhood through mythological characterization. There is no text or audio, only sound and action, taking a visually abstract approach to storytelling.


3 thoughts on “ABOUT

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  2. I heard this story when I was in junior high when I went to school in Oregon. Our teacher told us Native American stories of Oregon. The stories have always stayed with me.

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