It has been said that during the Pleistocene Era, the High Chief’s 3 daughters cascaded over the land of Oregon.

The sun shines beautifully on their crowns, but the peace and unity of today was not present long ago.

Firstborn was Sister of the North, layer upon layer standing proud. She greeted the birth of the sun at each rising and bid farewell to the last of its light that shone upon her face, giving way to a new day. With armor and shield, she vowed to protect the land but knew not how hard this task would come to be.

The second and third born were Middle and South Sister. South Sister was the tallest and most beautiful of the three.

The 3 Sisters enjoyed their land, naïve of how they had come to be. They all vowed to protect Oregon and all its earthly beauty. One day, South Sister saw across the range a man. He was tall and handsome and alone, Mount Bachelor. She became infatuated. “What is the reason for your flightiness, Sister?” asked North to South. “Nothing, what do you mean?” Middle Sister looking up at her siblings followed her South Sister’s eyes across the range and spotted this lonesome, handsome man. So did Sister North.

The competition for Mount Bachelors affection carried on between the sisters, but he was uninterested in their passes and concerned only with the trees and animals. An elder and appointed guardian to the Sisters, father of the land Jack, saw the arising conflict develop and warned the three of allowing their passions to overtake them. The 3 Sisters began to fight. The fires within them grew strong, spewing out onto the land; nothing was safe from their rage.

Middle Sister did not stand down. She took Collier Glacier that was developed by allowing a stagnant mass of water to freeze, collected by her body, that she stabbed into North’s side. Parts of North crumbled as the ice slid into her. While North and Middle fought, South Sister caught the attention of Mount Bachelor, but when the two sisters noticed this, they plucked each and every tree from her crown. Throughout this entire catastrophe elder Jack wanted the raging between the sisters to end. He offered them a finger from each hand as a sacrifice to save the land and all that lived on it.  This offering woke the sisters to their misdeeds, and reminded them of their vow to protect and keep the land.

They were Christened Faith (North); Hope (Middle); and Charity (South) by Jack as a reminder that they have the choice to subside their fires and to remember their immense responsibility.

To this day there has been peace, and they continue to keep a watchful eye upon the vast mountainside of Sisters, Oregon.


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6 thoughts on “3 SISTERS: LOST MYTH

    • Rebecca,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my story and visit my project, it is great to hear that your daughter is research for the Three Sisters story.
      You can find more of a detailed description of the project on my website at: http://www.laniasuncion.net/work/3-sisters-series/
      I have done two projects on 3 SISTERS Stories and will do another next year in New South Wales Australia.
      I am glad you enjoy this work.
      All my best,

  1. Thank you, I love the rational of this myth, we have something similar in that the island of Maui was born of a Pele’s brother “Maui” was trying to catch his sister Pele to mate with him and he threw his fishing hook at Pele and missed , but he pulled the sea floor up, then his sis banished him to live there, and to leave her alone. She then named the island “Maui” after her brother as that was he spent the rest of his days. Life was tough back then, every guy and his brother was trying to get with Pele. Incest has been a problem everywhere since the beginning of time. Even the female gods were at risk of rape even though things have improved in the last 50 years, it still happens daily everywhere. Ask girls, boys, and adults everywhere.

    • Taryn,
      Thank you for spending time to look at my work and I appreciate your feedback.
      My family is from Hawaii and I grew up there when I was younger on Oahu in Waipahu. While working on this 3 SISTERS: Lost Myth project I was thinking of stories of Pele and was reading Ann Carson’s ‘Autobiography of Red,’ about the coming of age of the Greek monster Geryon. Thank you for sharing this story with me, it is interesting how these stories mirror past aggressions upon the islands and it’s peoples.

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